Design & Visulisations

We provide rapid, cost-effective, and accurate design and visualization to your project which converts your idea into paper and streaming. Visualization basically works as a bridge of communication between client and designer.  We provide visualization to your dream project in such a way that it will add more insight to it before actual construction.

 3-D visualization is the most recent development in design and visualization. In it, we provide three-dimensional models to the structure which can be view from any angle. Every fine detail of the structure can be understood and modified if required. In 3d model, we also include the position of electric and water lining which ease the task of the electrician and plumber later. Apart from this we also include the position of various furniture, carpet, electrical, and kitchen appliances inside the home which add-in realizing real-time living in it before actual construction. Some advance feature also enables the visualization of ventilation and sunlight on your home. Our team renders software for designing and visualization that has become a cost-effective tool for making dream project beautiful and error-free in the shortest possible time.

Documenting & Drafting

Our experienced team of architecture provides services of creating documentation and drafting which is necessary for any concrete established structure. Drafting and designing is a thoughtful process. To make a draft for your project consist of both art and engineering knowledge that contain standard of practices. The purpose of drafting and document is to design and plan in such a manner that project time reduces with all modifications in earlier stages of construction. For every project, we follow a standard procedure that constitutes concept, design, development of design, and construction of the design. For creating a draft for your project our team discusses with our client for getting all necessary details and understanding the concept of the project which include area, locality, aesthetic requirement, and budget of the project. Based on the concept of the project our architecture creates a detailed design of the project. After designing our team creates the development of the design that includes a discussion with the client about selecting the material for construction and interior and exterior requirement of the client. After this stage, various notes are technical specification is required to be created as a document which is necessary for bidding and permit related work. After a permit for the project obtained from regulatory agencies then all documents have collected and our project is ready to construct. The methodical drafting and documentation are necessary for the timely completion of a high-quality project.

Town Planning Consulting

The panning and designing the town or city is more significant and critical but Archi Design is best in understanding the context and develops the various comprehensive projects as per the requirement of the town planning authorities. Our team is ready to tackle any specifically tailored project of critical climate and spatial area which will assist the people living there in a critical time. When it comes to the township, we put extra attention on the aesthetic and friendly layout for the people living there. We provide services of town planning, urban designing, development plans, Integrated township plan, and various social-economic zones construction across Australia. It is all about establishing a symbiotic connection between people and places while establishing the city. While planning there are various strands of place-making, environment, and social equity among people which we consider during planning.  We also provide a facility of transportation management, architecture drafting of the city, engineering, and landscape aspects of the city while establishing the city.     

Landscaping Architecture

Landscape architecture is a discipline that focuses on intervention by combining the activity of planning, designing, and managing all related stuff. Landscape designing includes color and texture of the floor, garden, and all surrounding area, design, and location of the pathway, and much more floor-related work. Our architect designs the area that not only functional but also harmonious with the surrounding area. It generally establishes relations between people and the surrounding places. Our focus is on shape, size, and various landscape elements and their constituent to ensure efficient and effective landscape design. Our landscape designing services include large-scale buildings to a small-scale public garden. Our elite team and coverage of all scales and all type of projects make us the leading landscape designer in Australia. Our landscaping designer tackles all kinds of challenges while creating landscape design so that they can make your living space more enjoyable and livable with improved resilience and biodiversity.